Aevis, the main city of Zaedin. The largest city on the planet, a city standing longer than anyone can remember. It was said to have been built by all of the dragon gods when this, planet, Zeme, was first found.


This story involves two planets, Zeme and Debesis. One, an uninhabitable wasteland. The other, a natural utopia. The gods chose to create people on this utopia.

The people of this utopia were all very smart and very wise. In their love for science and their world, the people capitalized on their resources and understandings of how the world worked to create a technologically-driven nation. As the technology was growing and growing, the gods become more upset with the people, as they did not want the people to become too advanced in how they did things, that they would be in no need of the gods, and in turn, throw their utopia into chaos, disarray, and despair. The gods did everything they could to help stabilize the world. As their efforts were beginning to work, a tragedy occurred. Whether it was a single citizen or multiple, it is not known. What is known is that an act of heresy was committed against the gods. The gods, having no way to overlook such a heinous act, destroyed the people of Debesis. The people’s ignorance of the rules that differentiate man between gods caused their downfall.

In their mercy, the gods attempted once again to populate a new, empty planet. That new planet is Zeme. In order for people to believe the gods exist, they left parts of themselves on the planet. These are the Dragon Gods. The Dragon Gods created man and created the plants and vegetation and water for this planet to prosper correctly.

The planet of Zeme is currently under the rule of the Dragon gods that created the world as it currently is. These gods are Farean Gairitor, Sever Achl, Mergon Endal, Elmri Rereo, Guerren Metre.

Farean Gairitor, a knowledgeable and wise gold dragon rules Zaedin, the central continent. He is worshipped similarly to the other gods, but he is worshipped as a creator, not as a savior. And like this, Farean rarely makes his presence known, and indeed has not been interacted with for 240 years, although others have said they have spotted him during treks through the mountains. This is, of course, thought of as wishful thinking, as any time he has been willingly seen, it has been in a time strife.

The main city of Zaedin, Aevis has a massive statue in it’s courtyard to honor Farean. No actual places of worship exist for him other than a small shrine in the poor part of town and the area around his statue, which is considered sacred ground. The main temples in the city are dedicated to numerous gods, not all of whom are good.

The city, created many years ago by the Dragon Gods has become the place for civilization. With it’s high walls and large army/castle guards, Aevis has never successfully been under siege for years.

The last attempt made was 60 years ago when a young man inheriting the continent Luon’uoun as his own through the death of his parents, tried to start a global war to take over the planet. His first goal was to destroy Luon’uoun as it is the whole backbone of the planet. Kusef failed miserably and was said to have hidden back in his hole and has been there for many years.

Now, Aevis and the rest of the world sit in peace, content with their surroundings. The Ruler of Zaedin and the King of Aevis, King Olgard Trialt was just a boy when the Beast War had started and finished. Since then, he has never, like most others, seen a true war.

And that has been all for the better. There has been no war for 60 years. There are local strifes but no large, world-turning events.

Actus Dei